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Marketing Support For

The Music Community

Providing affordable marketing services for musicians, festivals, music camps, concert series, and more

Hey, I’m Marisa! I’m a digital marketer based in Kansas City with a passion for music. I’ve always loved music, but I discovered pretty early on that I was better as a fan than a musician. Luckily, my love for marketing and music have intersected in my career to lead me to where I am today. I started working in the music industry three years ago when I joined an organization that hosts a yearly music conference of 3,000 people.

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the music community, and have had the opportunity to use my marketing skills to promote music festivals, camps, concert series, and musicians. Music and the arts are such an important part of society, and I’m thrilled to help create a thriving music community!

Artist Services


Website creation and management, search engine optimization, and more.

Bio & EPK

Writing and designing a concise and visually appealing press kit to showcase your talents.

Social Media

Social media management, consulting, content brainstorming, and more.


Account setup, template design, email campaigns.

Event Services


Website creation, event registration integration, and content updates leading up to the event.


Coordinating and/or designing marketing materials for the event, and event advertising (online and print).

Social Media

Social media event creation, content planning, Facebook advertising, and live event social media posting.


Event announcement/reminder emails, template creation, and list management.


The Phantastics

The Phantastics are a nine-piece funk/hip-hop band. In addition to managing merch sales at shows, I create their monthly e-newsletter, update their website with show information, and create social media content.

Kansas City Folk Festival

For the past three years, I’ve been on the communications team for the Kansas City Folk Festival. This includes social media management, website management, emails, print advertising, and more.

Marcus Lewis

Marcus Lewis is a Kansas City jazz musician, composer, and arranger. I overhauled his old website into a new site with WordPress.

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